• Assessing the Accuracy of At-Home COVID-19 Tests: What You Need to Know

    Introduction to At-Home COVID-19 Tests The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to global healthcare systems. With the increasing demand for diagnostic tests, at-home COVID-19 tests have emerged as a convenient and accessible alternative to laboratory testing. These tests involve the collection of nasal or saliva samples, which are then processed at home with a simple kit. At-home COVID-19 tests…

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  • A Guide to Understanding COVID-19 Test Results

    Types of COVID-19 tests and how they work There are two main types of COVID-19 tests: diagnostic tests and antibody tests. Diagnostic tests are used to detect if someone currently has an active COVID-19 infection. There are two types of diagnostic tests: molecular tests (such as PCR tests) and antigen tests. Molecular tests, such as PCR tests, detect the genetic…

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